Withdraw your profits

Clients who have validated their Trading Account by providing us with their supporting documents: proof of identity and residency proof are eligible to withdraw funds.

To make their account valid, clients should log in to the secure Members Area and upload the necessary documents in the system. Once their account is considered from our system as valid, you will be able to trade and withdraw funds from your account.

Payment methods

To protect all parties involved against fraud and comply according to the rules, RedRock500 will only process withdrawal/refunds back to the deposit source according to the Withdrawal Policy.

Credit / Debit Card

You can choose any of the withdrawal methods you want, and the withdrawal requests are submitted. They will be processed by going back to the amount which was deposited via this method.


E-Wallet procedures will be processed once all Credit/Debit card deposits have been completely refunded.

Other Methods

This method of bank wire withdrawals should be taken in considering if the other two methods are already consumed.

Withdrawal Policy

For us to be protected from other parties and for our clients to feel secure against fraud, we are operating according to Laws & Regulations worldwide. RedRock500 will only process withdrawal/refunds by looking back to the deposit source according to the withdrawal policy.

We promise to complete all withdrawal requests within 24 business hours; however, the Clients Trading Account request will be reflected as a pending withdrawal once a withdrawal request is submitted.

Choose your platform

During our 10 years of experience, we have noticed the needs and preferenced of our customers, so we are offering them all the versions of available platforms. You can choose between RedRock500 Webtrader for PC, RedRock500 Webtrader for Android devices, RedRock500 WebTrader for iOS devices and Webtrader which is a web-based trading platform, created by our team of software developers, financial analysts and marketing department.